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E-Version: The Arc Bends Towards Justice: Reflections for Lent 2021 - This year’s Lent booklet is an historic retrospective, gleaned from the past 40+ years of Lent booklets published by Pax Christi USA and including over 40 different authors, including Joan Chittister, OSB, Jim Forest, Shawn Copeland, Megan McKenna, Bishop Kenneth Untener, and more. As we go through this year leading up to our 50th anniversary in 2022, we are delving more deeply into our history and honoring the people who gave us life, nurtured our growth, challenged us with their words and witness, and made us into the community we are today. These reflections continue to provoke and inspire, helping us to "bend the arc towards justice" for almost 50 years.

Excellent for individual reflection and prayer or in small groups, this booklet is available in both a hard-copy print version or as an electronic download for your e-reader.  

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For Ash Wednesday, Joan Chittister, OSB, writes: "The religion of Jesus, in other words, is not a religion of show. It is not a religion aimed at public approval. It is not even religion intent on the kind of pious exercise that is called witness. No, Jesus’s words make Lent a way of life, rather than a ritual. The message of Lent is clear: Alms are for self-giving; prayer is for personal growth in the mind of God; fasting is for self-discipline. What you get out of this kind of religion is not simply a change of liturgical cycles. What you get out of this kind of religion is a change of person..."

From the introduction, by Pax Christi USA Executive Director Johnny Zokovitch: "The booklet you hold in your hands is one of Pax Christi USA’s most enduring legacies. Since at least 1981, we have been linking spirituality and social justice, the gospel and the call to peacemaking in special ways during the seasons of Lent and Advent. ... The reflections in this volume have been curated from the past 40-plus years for their continuing timeliness, their ability to speak even today to the signs of the times. I hope they will inspire and challenge you anew and root you ever more deeply in what it has meant to be the peace of Christ, 'Pax Christi', as we approach our 50th anniversary next year."

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